About Us

A Few Words About Us

Who we are

Community Health Auspices and Shield Organization (CoHASO) is a youth-led, notfor-profit organization serving the underserved communities in Tanzania. It aims at ensuring health protection and promotion by predominantly focusing on Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6 and 2. (the order is due to our priority)

Considering the role of health education as a key component of health promotion and its significant need in the community, we examined and realized that as proactive youths we have a responsibility to provide the community with accurate and adequate information on health issues.

Our Board Members

Dr. Upendo Biswalo

Academician, Gender and intercultural Expert St John's University of Tanzania.

Dr. Tumain M. Haonga

Public Health Expert MoHCDGEC.

Ms. Louise S. H Thomsen

Global Health Specialist University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Catherine Jincen

Public Health Specialist

Dr. Geofrey Kiangi

Health Promotion Expert

Mr. Iman Matonya

Marketing and Management Expert DED - Kongwa.

Dr. David Mwaipaya

Co-founder and Executive Director - CoHASO.

Ms. Carolyne Meena

Co-founder, Public Health Expert.

Mr. Calvin Andrea

Co-founder, Scientist.